Why we read those seasons-changing books to the youngest.

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Night-time reading pile

You know the books! With the sweetest illustrations ever — playing in snow and leaves and spring rain puddle boots.

But could we do it?

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I write all over the map

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People! Relationships! Connecting!

Caregiving, ALS, Aging


The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Let’s resurrect the idea of tithe, and keep art in our lives

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Keep your head in the novel game

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1. Words

Bad writing days are good days to pluck out those pointless words.

Begone, ugly metaphors…

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And she wants to hang out with your aging Momma

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Family… and others

What to do with them, and what to do without them.

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Academic life

Has become a life of tedium. My passion for teaching and working with students has been shoved aside by unnecessary paperwork (oh the re-writing of syllabi), and ever deepening levels of paranoia (leave doors open to talk with students; bring in a third party; constant mini-courses to read and be tested on…resulting in a grade-school-mentality level “certificate” from those bored people in…

Enough rage already

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Why NOT anger?

When I’m teaching a writing class and talking about “conflict” and “tension” in story-telling, I use an exercise.

Alison Acheson

My latest book is a memoir, Dance Me to the End: Ten Months and Ten Days With ALS. I am on Substack! Check out: The Unschool for Writers.

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