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  • Abby Jaquint

    Abby Jaquint

    Novelist/student. 20 years old. I write about writing and mental health. Check me out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

  • JoJo


    Focus on exploring the unknown and finding the essence. Cognitive growth in the left hand, self-management in the right hand.

  • Niels Sorrells

    Niels Sorrells

    I’m an editor, writer and comics book fan living in Berlin. I’m a husband and was a father of three until cancer struck my youngest. www.five-minus-one.com

  • Adebayo Adeniran

    Adebayo Adeniran

    A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible

  • Nina Greimel

    Nina Greimel

    Founder of the PR and Literary agency @talkingagency | I help authors and publishers reach more readers | Join my newsletter talkingbooks.substack.com/welcome

  • Patricia Dillon, J.D.

    Patricia Dillon, J.D.

    Attorney. Former journalist. Creative writer. Workout enthusiast.

  • Samantha Gassman

    Samantha Gassman

    Senior communications professional and children’s book author — blending serious and silly to inform and entertain

  • Carley Moore

    Carley Moore

    Prof type, single mama, and disabled queerdo // Books: The Not Wives; 16 Pills; Panpocalypse (March 2022)

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