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  • Michael Swengel

    Michael Swengel

    I’m a self-professed geek, tech enthusiast and artist who loves to write about technology, entrepreneurship, faith, and mental health.

  • Human Parts

    Human Parts

    Recommended reading from the editors of Human Parts, a Medium publication about humanity.

  • Paul Walker

    Paul Walker

    Spiritual traveler, Prog Rock aficionado, Husband, Dad, Retired Anglican Priest figuring out what ‘retirement’ means.

  • Liberty Forrest, Author

    Liberty Forrest, Author

    Award-Winning Author. Creator of “Witchy” cartoon. Spiritual Arts Mentor. Discover who you are, why you’re here, and how to follow that path. libertyforrest.com

  • Angie Mangino

    Angie Mangino

    Angie Mangino is a freelance journalist, author of 17th Century Tottenville History Comes Alive, & book reviewer who can be found at www.AngieMangino.com

  • Charisse Tyson

    Charisse Tyson

    Author, blogger, and retired biker bar owner. Sharing God-wink stories to give others hope. Check out my memoir Born Again in a Biker Bar http://amzn.to/1HQqPze

  • Umar Imran

    Umar Imran

    Poet, Writer,Human Behavior Researcher,

  • Ossiana Tepfenhart

    Ossiana Tepfenhart

    I’m a weirdo who loves to write. Deal with it. Available for hire. Instagram @ossiana.makes.content

  • Jeanna Paden

    Jeanna Paden

    Personal essays and tips to scratch your commiseration itch.

  • Drashti Shroff

    Drashti Shroff

    Exploring a new Life in a Marriage in Ireland | Top Writer in Ideas | Authored 100+ stories | Open to freelancing | drashti.amol@gmail.com

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